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Sustainable Kitchens

Virginia Wong-See’s previous experience as a chef in some of Sydney’s top restaurants during the 1990’s has lead to a continued interest in developing commercial and domestic kitchens. Ecologically sustainable kitchens are a cornerstone of many of our projects. Below are some of the articles […]

On the ABC

A lot of architects across the world are city-based—but some are starting to work in new ways in regional Australia, including architecture@altitude Listen to Architect Virginia Wong See on ABC Radio National’s “By Design” Panel April 3rd, 2013 The program includes Virginia alongside Sarah Aldridge Co-founder, Space […]

In Architecture Australia

The Summer 2013 edition of the Architecture Bulletin covers the changing nature of architecture and features regional and country architecture. Hamish Holley was interviewed about architecture@altitude (Below). Read the full edition here (PDF)

Architecture in the country

When we first relocated to Armidale, a number of publications featured our story. This one is from the Sydney Morning Herald, which is re-published in Country NSW